Positivity Gets Better Skout Results

Skouters post on Buzz for a lot of reasons:

  • They’re looking for new friends with whom to kick it.
  • People using Skout Travel want suggestions for bars and restaurants.
  • They’re looking for chat buddies.
  • They seek movie or book recommendations.
  • They want to show you what they’re eating or drinking.

We can't resist a food post!

Then there are the Skouters who use Buzz to rant. We’ve all seen them: They’re angry – perhaps they’ve been rejected – and they’re letting the Skout community know.

But here’s the thing: We here at Skout see everything. And what we’ve noticed is positive Skouters get positive results. Even a “Happy Monday!” generates lots of likes and comments. That’s because with all the pressures people experience in real life, no one wants to log on to Skout only to see your negativity.

Look at all those likes and comments!

So please – keep the hateful, misogynistic, negative posts off Skout. It kills our Buzz!

And Skouters, if you’re ever faced with an offensive Buzz post or comment, remember that you have the power to block and/or report that user. We are committed to making Skout a safe, comfortable place for you to meet friends.

Happy Skouting!