Fill Out Your Skout Profile! Here’s Why

Etiquette dictates that before you start a chat with another Skouter, you look at their profile first. There you will see if the person is single or in a relationship, looking for friends or serious dating. You can see the Skouter’s interests and if they match yours. After all, if you’re sober, maybe you don’t want to hang out with a person who frequents bars, or if you’re allergic to dogs and cats, perhaps you don’t want to bother talking to someone with pets. Skout is a melting pot of different types of people all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands of Skouters to chat with, so make yourself stand out with a full profile.


The Skout profile page lets you fill in your basic interests, your relationship status and what you want to get out of Skout. You can also write, in your own words, a bit about yourself. Tell people about your pickup soccer league or your affection for a well-mixed cocktail. Mention that theater you frequent for classic movies or whether you’re looking for dog-park companions.

Finally, add a few photos of yourself – and go beyond the standard selfie. Include photos of your recent hike or a night out with your friends. Make yourself stand out among a sea of selfies!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE ... Here’s another reason to fill out your profile: Skout’s website just introduced an exclusive feature, Interested, that isn’t on the mobile app. It matches you with people who have the same interests, and those interests come directly from your profile. So if your profile isn’t completely filled in, you could be missing out on compatible people!

Omar couldn’t be bothered to upload a photo of himself or fill out his profile. Does anyone want to chat with Omar now?


On the other hand, Chad has a quirky photo and wants you to know he likes playing sports, going to the movies and shopping. He’s open for anything from chatting to a serious relationship.


Based on those two profiles, who are you more interested in getting to know? Whom are you more likely to respond to if either of these people chat you up?

Now get going on filling out your profile!