10 Mistakes You’re Making on Skout

Have you ever wondered why you’re not meeting people on Skout? You’ve tried to strike up Chats, and you’ve posted Buzz, but you’re not getting responses. Here are 10 things you might be doing wrong. skout_mistakes

  1. Not looking at profiles. Skouters are looking for a variety of things – not just dates. Many people are in relationships but are looking for activity partners or even just online friends with whom to exchange dining or music recommendations. Before chatting up people to whom you’re attracted on Skout, tap on profiles first to be sure they’re looking for the same thing.
  2. Being sexist. If you start off your Buzz with “all women” or “all men,” rethink your post, because you’re probably about to post a sexist statement, which will likely turn off your intended audience.
  3. Not including photos of your face. Your photos don’t need to be glamour shots, but if your profile is friendly, you’ll be seen as more approachable. If you include only Headless Torso photos, people will wonder what you have to hide.
  4. Posting negative Buzz. Buzz is a place to ask questions, talk about yourself and post photos. Skouters often engage in debates as well as constructive conversations. They offer advice to each other. And then there are people who complain, complain, complain. It shows when you click on a person’s profile: endless negativity. Who wants to chat with someone who brings them down?
  5. Sending cut-and-paste chats. You know what you’re looking for, and that’s grand. But sending a Skouter three unsolicited paragraphs about the type of relationship you seek can be overwhelming. Plus, it’s obvious you’ve sent the same diatribe to other users, which leads us to …
  6. Seeming desperate. Telling everyone that you seek a soulmate is an obvious ploy and will not make all the Skouters you chat up feel special. Be open to casual conversations, even if they don’t lead to romance.
  7. Using profanity. You may have a pottymouth in real life and not get flak for it, but it can come across as more aggressive online. Type out your Buzz, and before you tap Share, take a moment to reread what you wrote – can you take out the vulgarity and still make your point? Probably.
  8. Not sending specific wink-bombs. There is more than one way to wink-bomb. Before you send one, tap Select Your Greeting to choose an icebreaker, such as “Read any good books lately?” It’s a great conversation starter, and you never know – you may bond with someone who has similar tastes and make an online friend or even one in real life.
  9. Calling strangers honey, dear, baby, etc. It may work on some people, but not everyone appreciates such an immediate level of intimacy. Look at a person’s profile name and Skout ID – they chose those identifications for a reason, so use them before creating nicknames.
  10. Sending nudity. Skout employs an around-the-clock team to monitor dialogue and photos, and if you send nude photos or post overtly sexual language, not only are you offending users but you will get banned from Skout.