How to Get What You Want From Skout

There are many reasons people join Skout. Here are the top 5 ways to find what you’re looking for on the Skout app: Make new friends. Let’s face it – after we’re out of school, it’s more difficult to meet new people, especially as friends get married and settle down.

To find new friends, go into Skout and edit your profile: Click on the box that says you’re looking for friends and then scroll through Buzz to see whose updates catch your eye. I commented on a person’s lovely Dia de los Muertos makeup and, through that exchange, learned about an L.A. festival later in October.

Lots of people post photos of themselves sporting their favorite team gear. Strike up a conversation, and you may learn of a great sports bar to watch games and meet fellow fans!

Network. I’ve attended many conferences after which I’ve wanted to meet up with people in my industry to go over what we learned while the topics were still fresh in our minds. Skout offers a few ways to network. You can post in Buzz that you want to meet up with fellow professionals. And the Skout Travel feature allows you to check in to a city for 24 hours, explore all it has to offer as well as seek out other Skouters in that area. Ask the locals on Skout for tips for their area, such as the best place to grab a cup of coffee near your hotel or a good happy-hour bar.

Find activity partners. A friend of mine always laments about breaks between her soccer team’s season. So she posted on Buzz asking for recommendations about other leagues and pickup matches to get her fútbol fix.

Check your Buzz for locals, which are a great resource for asking for hiking tips as well as seeking softball teammates, rock-climbing partners and book club members.

Find fellow sports enthusiasts on Skout!

Meet your soulmate. You could be the next Skout Success Story! What starts off as chatting about common interests can lead to meeting in person, which can create sparks. Be sure your profile indicates you’re looking for dating and a relationship, check off all your Interests in that section, and fill in About Me so potential partners know what you’re into.

Chat and flirt online. Back in the day, people used to talk on the phone for hours. Nowadays, we use our phones for texting and chatting. A friend of mine works a graveyard shift at a hotel, and he’s always looking for people – friends or strangers – with whom to converse online to make the hours pass by faster. I suggested he join Skout and utilize the Shake to Chat feature as well as state he’s looking for chat in his profile.

Of course, a simple comment on a Buzz status or a wink at a stranger can turn into something more. An activity partner can turn into a job lead. A friendly chat can evolve into a real live date. Do you have a Skout Success Story to share? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!