Picture This: Photo Do’s and Don’ts

Halloween is approaching, and our goal here at Skout is to scare off the Headless Torso. Skouters may have spotted the frightening Headless Torso – the person whose profile photo is from just below the neck to the top of the waist. Who wants to see that?! Profile photo DON'T: The Headless Torso.

When your profile photo pops up in our Chat, we want to see your face – be it pretty, seductive, goofy or serious. Here are some do’s and don’ts for Skout photos, whether they’re for your profile, going into your Backstage or being sent in a message.

DO upload photos of yourself in your natural environment. Selfies are great, but also consider sharing pictures of you with your family, friends, pets and more. Show us who you really are!

DON’T post nudity. If you have to wonder if your photo has borderline nudity, it probably does. This means avoiding overly suggestive photos, underwear shots, topless photos and lewd behavior. We’re not trying to be the photo police here – we’re just keeping it clean and suggesting you maintain some mystery. Pique other users’ interest! Skout will remove photos that violate our Terms of Use.

DO think twice before sharing your photo in a message. Once you share a picture in a message or chat, there's no way to delete the picture.

DON’T be a creep. Just because a photo doesn’t violate Skout’s Terms of Use doesn’t mean it’s not a turnoff. There’s the aforementioned Headless Torso shot, but there’s also the photos taken in poorly lit rooms that make you look like a serial killer. Look at your photo before you upload it – would YOU want to chat with you?

DO go Backstage. Did you know Skouters have access to a private Backstage? You can make certain profile photos public, but you may also upload images to your private Backstage. Users can visit Backstage photos by unlocking them using Points, Skout’s currency. Put a price on your super-awesome photos and watch your points grow!