3 Ways Social Media Is Changing Real Lives.

Can you even imagine a life without social media? We can't either! Social media is such a popular part of mainstream culture, it's hard to get away from it. What used to be a way to keep in touch with friends you already know, has now created opportunities to meet new people, date, and even land the job of your dreams. Patricia, Raquel., and Julius are just three examples of this. Twitter gave Patricia T. of Vancouver the opportunity to intern for one of her favorite streetwear brands  without ever meeting anyone from the company beforehand. Having been a fan of Hellz Bellz, which is located in Los Angeles, Patricia began following the brand on Twitter and commenting on their blog, creating an e-friendship with the team. When she replied to a tweet regarding a social media intern position at Hellz Bellz, she had no problem getting the position even though she lived in a different country. Patricia even stopped by the Hellz Bellz office when she visited Southern California one summer.

Patricia w/ Hellz Bellz founder Miss Lawn, and her husband Bam.

Raquel T., met Angelica B. on the once popular social media platform MySpace over five years ago, and have been best friends ever since. Having mutual friends, Raquel noticed the familiar face on her timeline and decided to add her as a friend. After Angelica posted a question about needing bathing suits for an upcoming vacation, she replied back with a few of her favorite brands and they ended up exchanging contact information. Now, if one of them is on vacation you can usually count on the other being there too.

After receiving a "like" on one of his pictures on Skout, Julius C. of San Francisco decided to see who it was from. Turns out it was from Dani R. of San Ramon, which was just a 30 minute drive away. They began chatting on the app until one day they decided to meet up for lunch. Over lunch they found out they had many things in common, including an odd obsession for Seth Rogen. Lunch lead to a movie, and the movie lead to a newfound friendship.

These are just three of the many relationships social media has been responsible for. At Skout we're excited to be a part of social media day, and even more so proud to be able to bring people together. We hope you use Skout to celebrate social media day too, #SkoutOn!