Skoutdoor Fitness

Summer is right around the corner, and no one wants to be stuck inside a stuffy gym when it's beautiful outside. Similarly, the rising temperature is no reason to slack off. Why not grab some friends, and enjoy the weather while getting fit? Here are some of our favorite outdoor workouts. Hop on the Skout app, and see who will do some with you! Running: Although efficient, the treadmill can get boring. Staring at the same spot in front of you for even just a few minutes can make it seem like you've been running FOREVER. Fresh air, and beautiful scenery can sometimes make time and distance pass faster.

Outdoor Yoga: What better way to add even more Zen to your yoga session than to do child's pose in a meadow of flowers, or on a rooftop during sunset?

Sports: You can play volleyball, or you can play volleyball on the beach! Playing any sport outdoors when the weather permits makes the experience more enjoyable.

Swim: Whether it's water skiing, surfing, or paddle boarding, now is the time to take advantage of any water activity. Swimming alone is a total body workout!

Hiking: Hiking is awesome, because you can make an entire day of it. Grab some friends, bring some snacks and hike the road less traveled. The best part is you can set your own pace, and take breaks at your leisure.