Ahead of the Game: 5 Fun Games For Groups to Play.

Boardgames were once reserved for family affairs and geeks that didn't get invited to the popular parties. Nowadays, game nights are the party! They're the perfect way to get a group of people together, and great ice breakers for those that need a little help interacting with others. Below are a few of our favorite boardgames here at Skout, and reasons why you should break them out at your next get together. (Click on the links to see a full description of the game). Catchphrase

Why it's fun: Any game that's timed creates added pressure that can turn even the most simple game objectives, into a mind boggling free for all.

Lifesize Jenga

Why it's fun: Playing lifesize or outdoor Jenga ups the ante for this physical and mental skill game, by allowing players to move around instead of staying seated in one place. (Another way to stir things up would be to write dares on individual Jenga pieces).


Cards Against Humanity

Why it's fun: The black sheep cousin of all card games, Cards Against Humanity is sure to raise some eyebrows. While not for the easily offended, it's controversial topics initiate hilarious conversations. And you will definitely get to know the other players more.


Why it's fun: Everyone has different talents, and Cranium allows you to tap into each one! This game has something for everyone, whether you're artistic, a performer, a wordsmith, or into data. Cranium suggest each person on a team to work together and contribute for a win.


Why it's fun: Twister is a game that allows you to get loose - literally. It also gives you an excuse to get close to that guy or girl you've been making eye contact with for the past 20 minutes. Just make sure you don't eat any garlic, or even worse, beans before playing.