Tips for the Awkward

While it may sound silly, the description above hits many close to home. Not all introverts are anti-social. For some, the anxiety of approaching a stranger is just too much to handle and they don’t have a choice but to stand in the corner of a crowded room. If you fall in this category, we hope the following tips will encourage you to go out and meet new people!

“No matter what happens being able to laugh at yourself will save most situations. So go for it”. -Anthony W., Dir. of Business Development

“I told myself that they are JUST as nervous. Then, I reminded myself that if they don't respond it usually isn't personal. Also, fake it until you make it. No one is really as confident as they project themselves to be”. -Heather SM., Graphic Designer

“Talk to them like you have been long time friends”.-Deryk D., Sr. Civil Engineer

“Just do it!”-Ricky C., Product Support Analyst

“Eye contact first, smile second. They go hand in hand. Then, a simple “Hi””.-Nicole B., Student

“Ask for directions to the nearest romantic coffee shop for two shy awkward people *hint hint*”.-Eli T., Too-many-hats-wearer

“Liquor”.-Taria C., Product Marketing Mngr.