Skout's Most Wanted.

Ever wonder what you would do if you chatted with your favorite celebrity on Skout asides from hyperventilate? We asked six Skout employees which celebrity or public figure (past or present) they would want to chat with on Skout, and what virtual gift they would give them. Safe to say we have an eclectic bunch! Jade W., Marketing Specialist: Peter Dinklage, a dragon


Mikey C. User Acquisition Manager: John Lennon, whirled peas

Rachel Tan, Office Manager: Michael Jackson, a sequin glove (duh)







Tobias K., Sr. Designer: Pope Innocent VIII, a blinged out cross

Denisha B., Sales Associate: Joe Biden, a tall glass of beer

Tin N., iOS Engineer: Kanye West, a lucky cat (as a wedding gift of course!)