Survey Says: Princess Leia Still Has Hottest Buns in the Galaxy

In honor of Sunday's Star Wars Day, we polled our global user base (here on Earth) to find out which character from the Star Wars franchise still maintains the most solar sex appeal.

Of more than 120,000 Star Wars fans who responded from 22 countries, both males and females unanimously expressed their penchant for Princess Leia! While 50 percent of males surveyed said they still have a thing for the Princess, with Natalie Portman's Padme Amidala coming in a distant second with only 15 percent of votes, 30 percent of females concur that Carrie Fischer's Princess still has the most sex appeal.  Who says men and women are from different planets? Both genders also agreed when it comes to who they'd least like to explore the universe with ...Gungan outcast Jar Jar Binks! Better luck next year.