Best Techie talks Skout goodness!

Jeff Weisbein, founder and CEO of Best Techie sat down with Skout while at this year's SXSW conference to catch up on everything Skout has in store for 2014. Read the full article here, and check out our favorite quotes below!

Are You Lonely or Looking for Some New Friends? Skout Wants to Help.

One of the most interesting features of Skout is the “shake to chat” feature where if you shake your phone you will be connected to another random user somewhere in the world who is also shaking their phone while using Skout. Once users are connected with each other through “shake to chat” they remain anonymous for 30 seconds at which time they can start chatting with each other before being allowed to view one another’s profile.


One of the people I spoke with is moving from Paris to New York in a couple of months and has been using Skout to find people in the area. According to the Skout team this type of user behavior is very common.  In fact, it’s so common that Skout has built a feature that lets users [virtually] travel to other cities and meet people in them who using Skout.  So for example, I’m in New York, but I could “travel” to San Francisco with Skout to meet people in SF who use Skout.  This could be great if you’re going on a trip and are looking to gain some local knowledge before arriving.