SKOUT Success: Tom + Amy

We love working at Skout because of many reasons: awesome co-workers, amazing team outings, gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay. But, most of all, we love working at Skout because we are changing peoples lives. Let us introduce Tom and Amy, one of our favorite Skout success stories. Want to share yours? We love hearing them. Find out how to share yours below.

Tom + Amy


Tom joined Skout to take a look around and see what all the fuss was about, and immediately took a liking to the features. Amy soon caught Tom’s eye, a few days later he built up the courage to message her. Soon after they started chatting. Tom learned it was Amy’s birthday and he decided to dust off his guitar and send her a birthday greeting. However, he goofed the recording and accidentally sent the wrong one. But Amy liked it anyway.

That action seemed to attract Amy's attention, and they begun talking very frequently on Skout, and soon exchanged numbers. After a short while, they decided to meet. However, Amy was living in the Philippines and was only on vacation in Switzerland visiting relatives. They decided to meet in Germany, and it was set! Before their first meeting, both Tom and Amy admit that they knew this would be something different, something indescribable. (Did we mention that Tom drove over 300 miles to meet Amy? Chivalry isn't dead, folks!)

“When we finally met and I saw her, I know that she would be the one for me, I cant explain my feeling that time, it was just like a sixth sense inside me.” -Tom

From that first meeting on, they were as inseparable as geography would allow them to be. They soon realized they were meant to be, and begun the process of setting their wedding. They needed several months to get all documents as required with translation, certification, legalization, and finally married in the fall of 2013.

"Without Skout, this wonderful story would never happen. But you guys have changed our both lives so much, that we want to say a big THANK YOU to you. Thank you for creating Skout and giving people around the world to get in touch with each other, you are the best." –Tom and Amy

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