In the SKOUTlight: Rachel Tan

1-7Every week, we feature one of the smiling faces behind the Skout team. This week, we bring you Rachel Tan. Rachel is one part kick-ass Office Manager and one part PTA-advising-cancer-surviving-entrepreneurial-mommy.  Meet Rachel:

How long have you been a Skout-er?  Best day of Skout's history was August 20, 2012.

Describe a day in the life for you at Skout:  Between scheduling, ordering, and taking inventory,  you can find me wearing the hat of Happiness Manager: planning happy hours, team building events, meals and yoga classes are my forte, and I love when my team is happy. You could say I am an enabler, I like to think of myself as a fairy god-mother.

What's your adult beverage of choice? I'm a whiskey-on-the-rocks-kinda girl.

If you were to attempt to break a Guinness World Record, what would it be?  Eating a Nutter Butter on the most consecutive work days. Definitely.1-8

The great Andy Warhol stated that "everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame." Have you had yours?  I've had a popular blog since 2008, raaachem. I also have an events and lifestyle company.  I love socially organizing groups of people, and I've met a really amazing network through those efforts.

In your opinion, what's the most annoying commercial on TV?  I don't own a TV, so I can't say anything about commercials. I live off Netflix, Uverse on-demand, and such.

Would you rather streak through AT&T Park or be forced to publish your Google search history for the public to see? I would unabashedly streak through AT&T, while tweeting my google search history to my followers. ;)

1-6Any last words?  I'm not dying!  Let me keep talking….