Travel Virtually With Skout!

Have you noticed Skouters with a little airplane icon on their picture? Well guess what, they're traveling courtesy of Skout Travel! Blog-Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel to another city without the hassle of actually traveling? With Skout Travel you can! Use your Skout points to purchase a 24-hour ticket to 100’s of cities around the globe and discover what the buzz is about. When you purchase Skout Travel you open your Skout experience to a new city full of Skouters to meet and chat with.

How do you do it you ask? Well, let me tell you. It's super easy, just click on the airplane icon in the top right of the Meet People Grid. This will take you to the "ticketing area" choose one of our top 10 destinations or search for the city of your choice. You will be instantly whisked off to that city!

Maybe you are planning a vacation to New York and you are wondering what to do when you get there – with Skout Travel you can check out the local buzz, find activities and ask local New York Skouters what they think the best slice of pizza is. Or, maybe you are getting ready to move to a new city - use Skout Travel to scope out the city before you move. Make friends, find a local coffee shop, and check out what is happening all in preparation for your arrival.

When you purchase a Skout Travel ticket your phone will automatically be set to that city. That means your buzz, meet people grid and other features will all be local for the city you have traveled too.  This gives you the ability to really get a feel for the culture and people of any given city. Travel to multiple cities and compare your experiences.  The only question now is what are you waiting for? Happy Skouting!