Help, I've Just Moved!

Happy end of summer Friday Skouters! Today's question comes from Jordana who recently moved to a brand new city. She found me on Skout (skoutwinggal) and chatted this question.

Hey SWG - I just moved to an awesome new city but I don't know anyone. How can I meet peeps? Signed New girl in the big city

Well Jordana don't you worry your pretty little head because I've got some tips that will help you get out and about, meeting new people and making new friends!

So first, and most obvious log on to Skout and see who's posting on Buzz or just who's around that you might want to chat with. Second, get out of the house for coffee, or tea or whatever you start your day with. Don't be a shut in - the best way to meet people is to get out. Find your local coffee shop and start getting your morning Joe with other people. C

Check your local bookstore's calendar, yes they do still exist, and attend your favorite or second favorite, author's book reading. It's a great way to start connecting with people who like similar writers and live in the area.

The main take away here is  - get out of the house. You will find it infinitely difficult to meet people sitting at home on the couch alone. So check Skout, see what people are up to and head outdoors!

Gotta question - I'm here for you - Skout Username = skoutwinggal