Long Distance Relationship Tips

Even though it might still feel like summer outside, the sad fact is, school is back in session and fall is just around the corner. But what if you found that elusive summer romance has turned into something more, even though you live in different cities-don’t worry Skout Wing Gals got you covered with some advice for making a long distance romance work.

First, communicate! There is nothing more important then good communication in any relationship and when you are separated by 100’s of miles, it’s even more important. Touch base every day whether it’s on the phone, via Skype, an email or a quick text. It is comforting for the other person to know you are thinking of them and vice versa.

Second, related to communication, don’t argue. It’s totally fine and healthy to disagree, in fact you should! But there is a fine line between debate and argument. The old adage, don’t go to bed angry is around for a reason and the implications are only heightened when you are miles apart.

Third, keep in mind you both have your own lives in your respective hometowns – so continue to live your life! Don’t become a shut in just because your sweetie pie lives somewhere else. Part of what attracted them to you is how you are, so continue to be you!

Fourth, don’t take things personally. If the other person misses a call don’t jump to conclusions and assume the relationship is over. Remember that they have a life too and things come up. It’s the same as if you were in the same town, life happens and occasionally you have to just know that it can get in the way of plans.

Fifth, be honest. You have to be honest from the beginning about your feelings and where you see the relationship going, and you have to continue to be honest. If things start to change for you in how you feel then you have to let this person know. Also, you have to be honest with yourself and really think about what a long distance relationship means and whether or not it is truly for you.

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