What’s up! What’s up?!

Hi Skouters! What's up with the What's up messages? Turns out we had shipped the wrong code from our internal testing environment. This has now been corrected -- big thanks to Alex Wilhelm who notified us about this!

Let me tell you more:

The most requested feature on Skout was: Help me find my real friends that are on Skout!. We launched two things to help you with this: a) Search by private username and b) Skout tries to figure out who on Skout is your friend, on other networks such as Facebook -- and will connect you with that friend if we find a match.

If Skout could match you and your friend, as friends on Facebook -- and you were both Skout users, signed up with Facebook and gave us access to your friends list -- then we would connect you in the chat list with a message "We just found a Skout friend ...", so that you could easily find and start chatting with your friends. Now, it seems we have trolls in the server room, or perhaps a gnome or two! The message that actually got sent out was "What's up!". We understand this was confusing and have corrected the message today. It was never meant to say "What's up!", and is a total SNAFU on our end. We work hard and long hours to make Skout better, faster and more fun -- for you guys. Sometimes moving fast introduces bugs, such as this one. And I'm glad we were able to correct it fast.

You can always email support .. or me personally at cwiklund@skout.com with your ideas, concerns, or bug reports :-)



CEO Skout