Wardrobe Wednesday - Winter White

Just because Labor Day has arrived, and summer is nearing an end, doesn't mean you have to put away the whites. Sure, convention holds that you don't wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day but Skoutinista says that no longer holds muster. The "rule" came about because white is a color you where to keep cool, sure that makes sense that you would wear it in the summer when the weather is warmer; but to say absolutely no white in the fall/winter months  seems a little extreme. We've gathered some of our favorite whites that will take you through fall, into winter and even through next spring. So go ahead, wear that white next week!

Fun Hundred Percent Dress

Elemental Dress

Best of Bows Worlds Top

Lacefall Dress

Wesley Oxford White

Cressida Skirt

Antipodium for Asos Climax Lace Up

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Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist
Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist