What's Your Best Ice Breaker?

So, last night I went to a cocktail party and I found myself a little at a loss for words, which, for those of you who regularly read my column know is not normally the case with me. Part of the reason was the cocktail party was work related, a networking event where I didn't know anyone, the other reason was there was a really cute guy I was attracted to. It caused a two-fold problem for me; how to break the ice with work associates I didn't know, and how to cleverly break the ice with a work associate who might potentially be more.

Well, after a few minutes of feeling tongue tied and twisted I shrugged it off and awkwardly worked my way into a small group of people talking and let it organically continue from there. But, it gave me an idea for this week's column. I am always spouting off my advice to all of your, well this week the tables are turned - I want your advice. What are your best ice breaker lines? Both for someone you're interested in and in a professional or friend situation.

Share you're favorites, best, and even stories of how they worked, or didn't in the comment section below.

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