Skout Fields Ping-Pong Team For SF's 3rd Annual Ping-Pong Festival

photo Never before have we seen a day quite like this past Sunday at the 3rd annual San Francisco Ping Pong Festival. As the newly created Skout Ping Pong team arrived at the tournament, the sun was shining, the paddles were flicking and the sound of little plastic balls hitting wood surfaces filled the air. Our boys in white tee-shirts got right down to business going head to head with some of the sports greatest players…well, greatest players in San Francisco, and were definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Skout was a late entry into the tournament but was still able to field a team who played to the best of their abilities. Last week the team followed a grueling  “pong camp” schedule at the office, practicing their serves and returns, spending countless hours working the table tennis auto serve machine and discussing table strategy all to get themselves in shape for the tournament – and that hard work did not disappoint their numerous fans.  On Sunday, the team was ready to flick their wrists against their opponents. Cheered on by the Skout Pong Cheer Squad the team went on to make an admirable showing of the skills they had honed over the past week.


The final score is not what is important, as we know from today’s Little Leagues, there are no losers, only winners, and our boys are definitely all winners in our minds!!