Introducing Search By Username!

SBU_Blog3 You asked, and we listened! You tweeted, and we listened. You emailed, and yes, we listened. Our #1 requested feature, a way to search Skout for your friends is available on Skout with the latest update!

That’s right, you can now search for your friends by using their Skout User ID, find them on Skout and chat away. But first, you have to create your own, unique, Skout ID.

So how do you set your Skout ID you ask? Don’t worry we’ve got the 4-1-1 on setting your Skout ID and finding your friends with theirs.

To set your Skout ID go to the chat window and tap Find Users, Tap Set my Skout ID and type in Skout ID you would like. Keep in mind; they are unique, that means there can only be one JoeSF so choose quick before someone else does.

If you are looking for someone, tap Find Users and type their Skout ID into the search box. It’s that easy!

But wait, you’ve forgotten what your Skout ID is. Never fear we’ve got you covered. In your profile tap Edit and then Info – voila, your Skout ID!

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Skout Update today, set your unique Skout ID and don’t forget to let your friends know how to find you by sharing your Skout ID on Facebook and Twitter with our handy Promote My Skout feature!