An Open Letter to Carlos Danger - et al

Dear Carlos Danger et al,

First, what were you thinking? Possibly, in person, you are an engaging, and probably witty, maybe even funny guy, but seriously?! You resort to sending pictures of your body parts to women? Again, what were you, what are you thinking? No one wants to see your wiener, unless it’s a wiener dog. And by wiener dog I mean a cute dachshund with four legs, so get your mind out of the gutter.

There’s a Seinfeld T.V. episode, about being naked-in the privacy of your own home, and basically the culmination of the episode is that love it or hate it, a woman’s body is more  “like a work of art but a man’s body is utilitarian” (Elaine’s words, and some people may not agree) but stop sending pictures of it.  In the history of sending pictures of what you feel is so incredible it needs to be shared with not one, but multiple people across the internet, has it ever worked out for you? Because trust me, whether you are sitting at home alone, texting inappropriate body parts or a mayoral candidate sexting young girls no one wants to see it! It’s not that impressive. And, did you really think we wouldn’t talk? Just know, if you send a picture of your special friend we are a. going to share it and b. make fun of you and it – so again, what were you thinking? And ladies, this goes for you too. If you send naked pictures of yourself to someone I guarantee the chances are higher then you winning the lottery that it will get shared, at the very least to a few other people, at the most - who knows it ends up going viral.

There is no upside for anyone in this situation. Keep it in your pants and please, don’t share it on social media!

Keeping it Real – Skout Wing Gal