The Element of Surprise

So this week I had a Skout member ask how they could surprise a guy...well, we must be on the same wavelength because this question falls right into what I was planning on talking about.

Summer is here and the time is right for…sure, dancing but so many other things too. A great way to surprise your guy (or girl) is to plan a date, start to finish and I'm not just talking your average go to dinner type evening. In relationships usually one partner normally takes the lead on organizing what to do and where to go, so why not surprise your significant other by taking the lead this time.  Instead of just heading out to dinner think out of the box and keep the awesome summer weather in mind.

Wondering what to do? Never fear, I’ve got a few ideas that you can use in entirety or parts of…it’s up to you, just make sure you’ve got it organized and have fun!

1. Outdoor Movies/Music

Take advantage of warmer evenings and enjoy some outdoor entertainment. Cities across the world host outdoor movie nights and concerts...most that are free! In Los Angeles, CA on Friday evenings LACMA hosts free jazz in the courtyard. Pack some snacks, beverages and a blanket and you good to go. Fancy a show? Try a drive in movie sans the car. In New York City you can catch a flick showing on the big screen in Bryant Park or on the piers in Lower Manhattan.

2. Walking Tour

Whether you choose a self-guided or led tour wandering your own city can create lasting memories with new friends and partners. In San Francisco a stroll through China Town offers a unique glimpse into the history of the city by the bay, and the best can end the tour at the fortune cookie factory and see what your future holds.

3. Bowling

Sometimes summer weather, as wonderful as it is, can drive us inside to escape the heat and humidity. Plan a cool afternoon or evening with a lighthearted competitive edge, at the bowling alley. Those hipsters have helped bring back a vintage style pastime, and added a cool edge to it. Places like Brooklyn Bowl in New York or Lucky Strike in Los Angeles aren't just bowling, they are an experience with ambiance, music, full bars and snacks other then microwaved nachos.

4. Beaches, beaches and more beaches

Make a day or evening beach time! Pack snacks and sand castle building equipment to build your dream house together. Watch the sunset, keeping an eye out for the green flash while you enjoy the warm weather, salt air and soft slap of the waves on the beach.

Look, anyone can order a drink at a bar, or make reservations at a restaurant, planning something out of the ordinary, taking into account the weather and what the other person likes to do shows at the very least interest on your part, and even better, a desire to try. Most of these activities can be found in any city, but if you don't have say a beach substitute a park, or if you don't want to go bowling maybe head to a ping pong club and play a few games. The point is, don't take the easy way out, plan something out of the box, keep it under wraps and surprise your date. Most importantly don't forget to have fun!

Keeping it real - Skout Wing Gal

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