Introducing: The Chili Pepper

We’ve done it again! Here at Skout we’ve been hard at work making sure your Skout experience is the best it can be.

Have you noticed a Red Chili Pepper on some people’s profiles? Have you wondered what in the world does that chili pepper mean? It’s our way of helping you have an awesome chat experience.

The Chili Pepper means that member is getting multiple chat requests at once, and it slows the flow to a manageable rate until that person cools off a little. This helps the “smoking hot” user and the people who want to chat with them. Think about it, you don’t want your chat to get lost in the pack do you? But, we want you to be in control so we’ve given u two options- jump ahead in line with a gift that shows you’re serious and you can chat right away; or you can wait it out while the member cools off and chat them later.

Either way, your chat’s visibility is increased and the odds of getting a response are better.

So what are you waiting for? Happy Skouting!