Wardrobe Wednesday - Pool Party

JUne 20th marked the official first day of summer and to celebrate our favorite season Skout had a work from pool party day! While this is super awesome it also brought up a few questions for Skoutinista, most importantly what to wear for a "work" pool day. Because let's face it, what you are going to wear to the pool at the Raleigh in South Beach or The Rooftop at the Standard Hotel in LA is definitely different then what you want to hang with coworkers in, well hopefully it is. So check out these pool party basics, that do double duty-lounge away and answer emails to your hearts content.

Pool Day

Sunglasses are key whether working or playing in the sun (plus they make it harder for the boss to tell if you're snoozing away the afternoon ;)

Don't feel like wearing a bathing suit,no worries, try a strapless romper or maxi dress. Both keep you cool with no strap lines while hanging by the pool.

Wether you are cooling off in the shallow end of the pool, or taking  turn on the water slide, try a simple black bikini, or a patterned one piece for cool but appropriate look (leave the brazilian cut at home-your coworkers don't need that image).

Don a cowboy hat to keep your face shaded and ease squinting at the expense report.

As the afternoon sets in  pop on a white tank and cutoffs over your suit for a relaxed and comfortable brainstorm.

Last but not least keep your feel from getting to toasty when you get up to grab a drink with a pair of cute flats.

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

Got a party and don't know what to wear? Leave a comment or chat me up on Skout and I'll find you a head turning ensemble!