Egotistical or Confident?

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it real. Today’s question comes from the city where so many people have left their hearts, San Francisco. Eddie chatted me up on Skout and said he was worried he might be dating a girl who was too into herself.  My advice to Eddie, well you can read for yourself.

Dear Eddie,

It’s great for girls, and guys, to be sure of themselves and exude confidence but there is a line that, when crossed, tips confidence into egotistical. Here are a couple questions to ask yourself to see if you are dating a confident guy or gal, or someone who clearly loves themselves.

They only want to do what they want.

Does this sound familiar? You love to hike but your “partner” wants to go for a run so every weekend you go for a run, because that is what they want to do. Relationships are about compromise, unless you are having a relationship with yourself.

Every argument ends up being your fault.

Sure, some of them probably are your fault, but stop for a minute and count up the amount that you end up taking the blame for. If the other person can’t take responsibility for their own actions, well that’s not confidence that’s lack there of.

They are unreliable.

They show up late, or not at all. They change plans without giving a thought to how it affects you or anyone else. They are only thinking of themselves

The sense of entitlement is out of control.

This seems to be a rampant problem these days, possibly brought on by watching too many hours of reality television. People need to realize they are NOT rock stars, or celebutants or marginally famous – so really if your date is acting like the world should roll over and take care of her/his every whim just because, there’s a problem.

They exaggerate their accomplishments.

We all like to talk ourselves up, especially to people we fancy – but if every accomplishment or deed is the most amazing, the best, no one could have done it better moment then there is an issue. If the person’s main concern is making sure they look the best that they can, again, you should give the relationship a long hard look.

Keeping it real – Skout Wing Gal