Chivalry is not Dead

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it real. Chivalry is not dead – or at least it shouldn’t be. Look, girls still like the little things. We may be independent and completely capable of taking care of ourselves but we appreciate a door being held open, flowers just because it’s Tuesday, or a sweet message to start the day off right.

There’s a misconception out there that being romantic will make you seem needy but Skout Wing Gal is here to tell you that is not the case. In today’s world of quick sound bites of information, emoticons and anagrams, the guys who actually take the time to practice sweet and thoughtful gestures will stand out from the crowd, in a good way. We are all still looking for our own knight in shining armor, thank you Disney, so guys use it. You have gotten so cavalier focusing on the casual of everything that good old fashioned chivalry is lacking.

So what do you say guys – next time you see a pretty girl don’t cut in front of her and let the door close, take that extra minute out of your day and hold the door open. I make you a bet the smile you get in return, or even a phone number, will make it all worthwhile.

I mean really, it takes so little effort but goes so far so why don't you step up to the plate.

Keeping it real - Skout Wing Gal