The Boredom of Over Sharing

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it real. In today’s world of always on, always-available there is the real risk of sharing too much. Last week I chatted about the slippery slope to stalker-ville, well today I want to caution you on over-sharing.  We all have that friend, or friends who practices TMI like it’s a religion, but what I’ve also started to notice is the snooze fest TMI that is proliferating on social networks.

What do I mean by this? Look, I don’t care if you just got up from the couch or made a piece of toast or noticed that it’s not raining out. I think status updates, thoughts and pictures are all great but let’s temper it a little bit, especially as you are getting to know someone. If you are constantly inundating them with every little detail of what you are doing (see stalker definition here) then where is the mystery?

Dating, as I’ve mentioned is all about discovery, well leave something to be discovered. Think before you text or chat or update; ask yourself if this is really something that needs to be said or if you are just filling the cyber air with mind junk.  If it helps, picture your chats as a real honest to God conversation. If you were physically talking to someone would it go…

  • It’s Tuesday
  • I’m watching Maury Povitch
  • The sun is out
  • I think I’ll get a sandwich
  • A commercial is on
  • I’m making a sandwich
  • You get the idea.

Don’t spam your friends, and definitely don’t spam someone you might like romantically just because you are bored because honestly, it’s a turnoff!

Keeping it real – Skout Wing Gal