Seriously Serious, too Quick

The other day I was chatting with a guy friend of mine, (and yes, guys and gals can be friends even if Harry doesn’t think so) and he was lamenting to me about a new phenomenon he has encountered in dating. He calls it the fall fast and leave. It seems that girls are getting really serious really quickly, talking all kinds of I love you and future plans only to realize a few weeks later that it is not what they want and break off all communication.  Now my friend is a sensitive guy, and is looking for that special someone but now he’s telling me he’s been burned too many times and doesn’t feel like he can trust what girls say.

Look, it’s all well and good to move quickly if that’s what you want. It’s also totally acceptable to realize after you’ve been hanging out with someone, that you aren’t as compatible as you first thought but come on ladies…let’s be rational about this. Why get so serious right off the bat? Give it some time to grow and for you to actually decide if you like this person or not.  Relax and enjoy getting to know someone before you get all serious and then turn runaway bride on him or her.

By immediately claiming love and a deep connection you run the risk of a. scaring the guy off before he gets to know you or in the case of my friend hurting the same guy you acted like you could spend the rest of your life with.

Keep in mind, you know what they say about Karma, it’s a…

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