Chatting Tips

This week’s question comes from a user in the UK, Edward who writes:

Dear Skout Wing Gal,

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I have met some great girls on Skout and I’ve started to a chat with them, either by saying hi or with a wink bomb, they respond initially and then they just stop. I continue to try and engage them but I get no response. I don’t think I’ve offended them but I just don’t know why no one wants to chat with me. Am I that boring? Please help!

Edward, unliked in the UK

Dear Edward,

Don’t fret, as long as we can assume you aren’t doing anything offensive, and you have a normal picture taken outside your bathroom (see my post on photos here) it might just be your approach. It’s awkward when you meet someone for the first time, even online, so here’s a few tips to help get you over the initial break point and onto the nitty gritty of getting to know each other.

First, let’s chat, no pun intended, a moment about what you say after your initial contact…what do you say? “Hay babe watcha doin?” Or maybe, “Yo honey u sur r fine?”

Because if you say something even close to those I promise you that approach won’t work. First of all, even though it’s chat let’s try not to completely butcher the written word. Spelling still goes a long way in a lot of girls books so rack up some easy points by actually writing something coherent.

Second, don’t say something generic, trust me it’s boring. Take the time to look at her profile or picture at least, and comment on something that is relevant to her. Does her picture have a dog in it? Is she wearing a jersey from a sports team? Why don’t you ask her about that....”Hey, nice jersey, are you a SF Giants fan or just a Buster fan?”

Girls really do like to feel special, so play into that instead of just going the generic route. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you have loads in common and it’ll be a little slice of heaven from then on.

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it real.

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