Android Update - New Cool Stuff!

Hey Skouters we’ve got exciting news – an Android update launched today and it is chock full of super cool things!

There’s a whole new Meet People grid that makes it easier to, well, meet people of course. Plus a super cool Feature Me bar running across the top.

Bid on a spot in the featured bar for maximum exposure to other Skout members, how much you bid determines which spot you get, so bid high for that #1 place! The all-new Meet People Grid lets you control who you see choose Local, Country or Global depending on how you feel.  Just want to chat with new friends near by? Choose local. Interested in making a friend across the world from you? Choose the global option. The choice is yours!

Why would you use points to promote yourself in the Feature Me bar you ask? Because it helps you stand out from the crowd. Yes, the new Meet People grid is super awesome, but you know what’s even more awesome? Being one of the pictures scrolling across the top of Skouters screens…that’s what the Feature Me option does!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Android update now and start playing around!

Have an iPhone? Never fear, the new Feature Me is coming to your iPhone soon! Keep checking back for updates!

Happy Skouting.