The Art of the Self Portrait - or Get Out of the Bathroom

Spring has sprung, which gets me thinking about the outdoors, which in turn leads me to wonder why so many people are taking pictures of themselves in their bathroom mirror. Don't you notice how the pictures turn out? Here's the deal; the setting is uninspired, the lighting is terrible and you look just plain ridiculous. Think Mark Wahlberg's character in Boogie Nights at his lowest point, talking to himself in the mirror.

Here's an idea, why not ask a friend to snap of picture of you by your car? Or, if you have agoraphobia have them take a picture of you on the couch, or with your pet. Pictures are the first introduction new people have to you, so give them a reason to want to chat. A great trick is to pretend you are a tourist in your own town. Ask a passerby to snap a picture of you in front of a landmark, this is a great conversation starter because it gives someone an easy excuse to chat with you. If you live in San Francisco you could take a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, that way someone could use it as a reason to break the ice: "Hey, I've never walked across the bridge, want to go for a walk?"

Honestly unless you are in one of the 15 most beautiful hotel bathrooms and you are taking a picture of yourself in front of the incredible view there is no reason to take a picture in your bathroom, period. Just look at Bear's picture, do you think anyone is intrigued by it?

Well ok maybe, but he's a bear, taking a picture of himself, and that is a little out of the ordinary.

Skout Wing Gal – keeping it real.

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