Opening Lines - Or Why No One is Responding To You

Have you ever seen a guy whistle at a girl walking by on the street? Have you maybe even tried it yourself? We’ve all at least witnessed it happen, whether we experienced it first hand or not. Now think back to the last time you saw it …did the woman stop in her tracks, turn around and say, “Wow, that was so clever. Here’s my number, please call me!” Sure that happens, never.

Look, in case you’re still confused let me spell it out for you; it doesn’t work in person and it doesn’t work online so why keep doing it? There’s a famous quote that goes: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Let’s break out of the asylum together!

Picture this, you decide to start chatting with someone who might think you are cute, (despite the self portrait camera phone picture) and the first way you present yourself to her is with something along the lines of “helo, r yu tokin 2mi?“ not only do you appear one of the dimmer bulbs in the light fixture, but you give her no reason to respond back and most likely she will block you because clearly the conversation is going no where fast. Why not try an actual conversation starter, something that gives her an opening to chat and actually starts a dialogue.

I may be old school in my thinking but conversing should not be a dying art. In fact conversing via text or message can be challenging and fun, like an awesome puzzle where you come off sounding really smart and witty. Texting gives you the chance to edit what you are saying before you actually say it—you don’t have that opportunity in real life so take advantage of it. Try commenting on her photo, or mentioning something cool you have done, or even just saying hi and letting the conversation unfold. Here's a test for you, go ahead and try your line and then try one of these:

Let’s chat and see where it goes.

You look like you might be interested in some stimulating conversation.

Hi, you’re cute!

See which one gets a positive response.

Whistling whether offline or on only highlights how awkward and unimaginative you are, and maybe speaks to a lack of social grace...and what girl wants that?

Skout Wing Gal - keeping it real.