Valentine's Day

Remember when you were young and Valentine’s Day rolled around? There was a feeling of  excitement to giving out Valentine’s to your class, and getting Valentine’s in return, that is sadly missing, as we get older.  Now, Valentine’s day, is a day that can cause folks to quake in their converse at the mere sight of flowers that seem inordinately expensive, or boxes of chocolate that proclaim more then you might be willing to say. So what’s a guy, or girl to do? Well here at Skout we're all about fun so we’ve taken the fear out of Valentine’s Day and brought back the fun of gifting.  Just head on over to the Skout store and send a virtual candy heart or teddy bear to break the ice with someone new…or maybe a box of chocolate to someone you’ve been chatting with.

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then by making it fun, who knows, your gift might inspire a gift back, which could lead to a conversation and then…Have fun this Valentine’s Day!