2013 - The Year of the Snake

Happy New Year! Yesterday marked the departure of the dragon and the uncoiling of the snake, as in the year of the Snake.  Here at Skout we are also celebrating the year of the Shake. Why you might ask...well let us give you a little background. You see, the year of the Snake is an exciting time full of change, and yes, a little uncertainty, but never fear, with attention to detail you will see steady progress. Just as a snake sheds it’s skin, this year is the perfect time for clearing out the old to make room for exactly what you want. This year you might feel a newfound sense of ambition for greatness, which will inspire you to truly be all you can be.

It is also a year to be social, which is where the year of the Shake comes in! Friendships, especially new ones, will be a key part of your success so shake the Skout app and start a conversation.