Survey Says: We’re Ready for Something NEW!

Just like technology has changed the way we shop, travel, and date, it is rewriting the rules of friendship. And while tools like Facebook are helping us keep up with our current friends, a new survey by Harris Interactive, commissioned by Skout, shows that the majority of us are either currently pursuing or interested in pursuing NEW friendships. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Millions of you use Skout to make new friends—whether you’re looking for a pub trivia partner, a hiking companion, or someone to commiserate with after Friday night’s dating disaster.

Well Skouters, you are not alone!

More than one-third of adults surveyed say they have met a good friend through mobile apps or social media, and a quarter say they have a good friend they have never met in person. Texts and mobile chatting are starting to replace phone calls as means for staying in touch with friends.

According to our survey, creating friendships through social networking is easier than making new friends through sports affiliations, owning a dog, or having a baby, and meeting online is only going to get more accepted. Almost half of those aged 18 through 34 think it’s easier to make friends online and via mobile social networks than in-person.

The survey also shows that 85 percent of Americans feel that men and women can truly be “just friends”. Inspired to add some NEW into your life? Get started by connecting with interesting people on Skout, and tell us about your new friend.