You, Who?


Sure, because you know them so well, you are an expert on how to plan a night out for your buddies, cheer up your best friend, and get your sister to try something new, but how well do you know yourself? The sooner you familiarize with the people, activities and places that bring your best traits to life, the more fulfilled you will feel in life. Personality quizzes can be quirky and cliché, but they can also be great tools to help you get to know yourself better and help you use your awesome traits to your advantage.

Personality assessments range from serious: Meyers Briggs to playful: Men’s Health and Cosmo and cover everything in between: you can find out which Mad Men character you are or if you would be a fit at the CIA! Any one of these quizzes could reveal innate characteristics that help you to express the real you.

A few personality types we here at Skout relate to:

  • The Introvert
    • Traits: keeps to self in public settings, quirky imagination, insightful.
    • Activity recommendations: joining a book club, going out for coffee, seeing a movie.
  • The Sympathizer
    • Traits: compassionate, a good listener, always there for you, positive attitude.
    • Activity recommendations: going for a hike, going out to breakfast, going shopping.
  • The Socialite
    • Traits: always has something to do, constantly in contact with friends, rarely ever home, knows how to have a good time.
    • Activity recommendations: going out for drinks, taking a zumba class, going to a concert.

Now, after completing a personality assessment, go be YOU! Share your newly discovered personality type on your Skout profile and meet new people that get the real you!