The Heat Is On!

It’s June, and everywhere we look there are telltale signs that summer is steadily approaching. Skirts are getting shorter, and the lines at the ice-cream parlor are getting longer. Popular chain stores have bikinis and barbecue grills on the forefront of their displays, amusement parks are back in business, the gym is busy, and of course – it’s HOT.


Temperatures are rising, and so are people’s interests in outdoor activities. No one wants to stay cuddled up at home, they want to be out and about enjoying what the weather has to offer. It’s the season of social solstice. Time to join in on the fun, and perhaps try something new!

Instead of being cooped up in a movie theater, watch one at the park! Learn how to paddle, and test out your new skills at a beach party. Skip the treadmill, and run your favorite scenic trail. Put the cards down, stop being an Old Maid, and Go Fish at your nearest lake. Whatever you do, bring Skout with you to see who else is partaking in the fun in your area, or how people around the world are celebrating the sun.

It’s an exciting time of the year, and we’re excited to celebrate alongside you with amazing contests, more blog posts, and bigger and better ways to make new friends. This summer Skout’s bringing the heat, while still keeping you cool.