Blog Rename Contest Winners

The Flirt Blog - The Official Skout & BoyAhoy Blog is scheduled for a makeover - a nose job, whiter teeth...and a new name!  

We asked you to help us out with some ideas and inspiration for a new Blog name, and you really pulled through!

After reading through hundreds of your submissions, we found our two most creative winners:


Winner via Flirt Blog  - 5,000 Points prize

Kyle M. Says:  People Chat, World Chat, and The Scavenger


Winner on Twitter - 10,000 Point prize

MicaZayn LouiZayRry

@singles Skout Out ! -shout out, Skout flirt- find flirts, SkoutBlog - flirt blog, skout a peep - find a friend, skoutzz- skout buzz


Thank you for all the great submissions; We really feel inspired.  Stay tuned for The Flirt Blog's new look!