Try Something New!

After countless hours of debate, I finally did it: I made an online dating profile. It wasn’t a mockery for those who partake in online dating, I just thought my curiosity to see what kind of people were on there wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes. If you had asked me a few months ago, I would’ve said only losers met people online. People who were too socially inept to make friends or too desperate to get dates in “real life.”  Then, I realized I was the loser for being so presumptuous, not to mention ignorant. Because my mom was on it, and she gets approached left and right. A man I used to date was on it, and he has NO problem getting ladies. And two, beautiful extremely successful friends of mine were both on it – one of which is currently smitten with one of her matches.

Yet, I was still cynical. As I sat there scrolling through photos of people near me, I literally face-palmed in embarrassment at some of the biographies. But then I realized that I was doing this all from home on what was probably a Friday night at 8:30pm, in jammies, with no makeup, probably eating ketchup chips. All while the girl with less hang-ups was probably on her fourth date this week.

Amidst the few cheeseballs that were strictly looking to bang and the douchettes simply in need of self-validation, there were lots of those who just wanted to meet new people and were exploring new fun ways of doing so.

That’s exactly the thing - it doesn’t have to be that serious! It’s only as serious as you make it. Having a Skout profile doesn’t have to mean love, marriage, and a baby-carriage. Nor does it have to be about “hooking up.” It doesn’t have to be about dating at all! And more and more people are making new friends and creating awesome memories with them every day. So have fun, and live a little. Then, if the signal’s strong you’re free to make the connection in person.