Photo Caption Winners

We asked you to comment with your caption for our profile picture for a chance to win a 5,000-person Wink Bomb.  We had so many great captions that we chose 10 instead of 5 winners. You Skouts are awesomely punny! Here is the photo and the winning captions.  Comment and tell us what you think!

rj "Aflac eat fresh! ... wait wait .. no that's not right .... damn you ducks! Lol"

Mike "Guy #1 "Dude, what the Duck is going on in here?" Guy #2 "I dunno bro, but I'm quacking up" Lol"

jewelssx3 "Subway, Eat fresh! So fresh the animals are still walking around.."

Mychael "I'm glad we came to this subway, the manager at the other is a real quack!"

Brandon "Ducks: did you look at the menu? I see us on it! Waddle away WADDLE AWAY!"

Chris "This isn't the pond... but we've sure come to the right place for bread!"

desibaba "for ducks sake, anyone got change for a bill??"

Steve "If they put their bills together they could split a footlong."

Elyn "I didn't know teenage girls liked subway so much!"

Compodulator "PETA tries a new technique.."