Spring Forward, Not Backward

The weather’s getting warmer, the skirts are getting shorter, and baseball is back in season! Alas, your Spring Fever is at its peak. Time for some spring cleaning. It’s a time where you purge your wardrobe of last season’s “boots with the fur” and snowboard, and make room for sundresses and surfboards. It’s a second stab at a New Year; another chance to begin exercising regularly, eat healthier, and start fresh. But perhaps this time, you’ll rid yourself of the unnecessary clutter in your life as well as your closet.

Like that friend you’ve known since kindergarten that just can’t seem to get his act together, and continuously drains the life out of you. He’s like that worn out sofa you have with all the cigarette holes in it. All it’s doing is accumulating space, yet you can’t seem to get rid of it, because it’s been there for you through some tough times. Or what about those expensive Christian Louboutins you bought, and have only worn once – for less than 30 minutes at that? They’re sexy, boast a six-inch stiletto, and make all the girls jealous, but what they don’t see is you crying inside for someone to give you a piggyback ride. Sure, they’re nice to look at, but really have no function. Kind of like your new beau who looks good on paper, but has no real substance.

Safe to say there is a little clothing/trinket/memory/people hoarder in all of us. We find comfort in the familiar, and hold onto things that make us feel … well … ANYTHING. Even if we haven’t worn something for years, we’re scared we may need it one day or it may be popular once again. But truth be told, bell-bottoms will never come back in style, and neither will lame friends or unruly exes.

So toss out those items you haven’t worn in years, and delete the numbers of people you should send straight to voicemail anyway. Hop on Skout, and ask people for their opinions on what you should keep, and what you should toss. Expand your wardrobe as well as your circle of friends! Then, rearrange your home as well as your priorities, and make room for better things to come. Remember, it’s called spring forward, not spring backward.