Want to go Backstage?

Backstage is Skout's newest feature for iPhone users. Launched on December 7, Backstage allows you to upload photos to your profile BUT hides them until it’s unlocked.What’s in it for you? For every person who unlocks your Backstage you will receive a fraction of the points earned. Put your popularity to test with this fun new feature! Before anything you’ll need to update to the latest and greatest version of Skout, 2.9.0. If you haven’t already joined the craze then keep reading for I will guide you to the light…

To get Backstage:

Start at your profile 1. Click the Backstage Picture option 2. A pop up box will appear stating, Backstage. Your backstage is empty. Add pictures to your backstage, set your price and earn points. 3. Tap on the Add Pic icon then it will ask if you want to Take New Picture, Choose From Library or Cancel 4. If you elected to upload a picture then a pop up box will appear stating, Backstage Picture Posted. The picture will be reviewed by our staff and be visible in your backstage shortly. You can set your own backstage price on your profile. Note: Backstage pictures must still be within Skout's guidelines. 5. Wait to get approval. Once accepted you will get a notification stating, Your picture was approved 6. You can go ahead and Set Unlock Price 7. Price your Backstage pictures anywhere from 10 – 10,000 points. If you got awesome pictures I suggest you price that baby high! Remember, for every user who Unlocks your Backstage you’ll receive a portion of the points earned. Note: You can change the pricing at any time. 8. Congrats, now you have Backstage! Users who Unlocked your Backstage can now rate it from 1-5 stars!

How do you know who has Backstage? Skouts using the Backstage feature will have a Yellow Star right under the green online dot.

Similar to Who thinks I am hot? and Who checked me out? Backstage will be available for only 24 hours upon time of purchase. This means IF the user you bought a pass for chooses to upload new pictures within 24 hours you can view it for no additional points!

Caution: Use Backstage at your own risk. There are no refunds if you suddenly discover that the pictures weren't worth it.

Skouts, do you have what it takes to get a 5 STAR rating? You’ll just have to try it and find out. Comment below with your experience.

Good day, Sheena