Canned Openers.

Do you have game? Are you quite the charmer or just simply good with words? Whatever it is you are or think you are; we want you…to share your best catchy openers! You might be thinking to yourself one liners are L A M E but you’ve got to admit they can break the ice. If you ever used a catchy opener and got a smile, a chuckle, or a response then you know what? Success!! A simple hello and hey can only go so far nowadays. Sigh…Plus, some of us aren’t so great with starting a chat therefore using an opener can offer the foundation needed for a conversation to take off. Here’s where YOU come in…

Skout has users from all over the world so we’re interested in catchy openers in whatever language you know or speak! German, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, English, Cambodian, Extraterrestrial, so on and so forth. The language doesn’t matter much however, just be sure to translate them into English so we all can get a giggle out of them. A handful will get chosen to be featured in our Wink Bombs! Pretty awesome, right?! You could be famous! Well, not really but it’s still pretty awesome. Ohh, and we’ll give you FREE Skout points if your submission wins!

Below are a few examples of previous submissions currently used in our Wink Bombs: * Can I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I found his missing angel. * Here I am! What were your other two wishes? * Are you a parking ticket? Cuz you've got FINE written all over you! * Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? * Do you mind if I save your picture? I need to show Santa what I want for Christmas. * Someone call the fire department; you are SMOKIN! * If you were a booger, I'd pick you first. * You wouldn't happen to have a map, would you? I keep getting lost in your eyes. * I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away.

Skouts, and if you think you can do better now is your chance! Comment below with as many catchy openers you can think of. The more the merrier I always say. Well, unless it’s a handful of girls sharing a bathroom. Haaa!

Here’s an example I received today: * Spanish: Me enamore de tus ojos. (English: I fell in love with your eyes).

Anywho, I look forward to reading your submissions. May the best Skout win!

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Good day, Sheena