Thanksgiving, really!

Pretty much self-explanatory, right? The holidays are fast approaching and it’s super easy to lose sight of what we’re really celebrating. So, let’s take 2 steps back and ponder over what we ought to be thankful for. Where do I start? This is actually harder than it sounds. Okay, here I go! I am thankful for…

My support beams AKA my family and friends for without their love and constant support I would probably be lost (literally, I’m bad with directions). In all seriousness, I’m a very family- oriented person and having them always on my side takes me a long way. They may be bug-a-boo’s and I may take them for granted from time to time but in the end they’re all I have. Now, make sure you go home and kiss your momma and tell her you love her!

Life Yeah, I’m thankful for life! As we ALL should be. I’m just glad to be alive, breathing and in good health. Point blank!

My job In this economy a J-O-B is pretty hard to come by so I’m totally grateful I’m employed. Better yet, I’m thankful I actually enjoy my job! I commute (on the train) for an hour and some minutes a day to and from just to be in the office. To some the duration might not seem too bad but for someone (me) who never worked more than 10-15 minutes away from home it’s a big deal! But, when opportunities come knocking you don’t just send them away like stray puppies. No, no, nooo! If you’re anything like me you’ll sneak them in for safe keeping.

I think those 3 things pretty much sum up what I’m thankful for this holiday season.

Now it’s your turn! Skouts, comment below with a few things you’re thankful for or just give a little shout-out to those that deserve thanks in your life!

Good day, Sheena

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