These are not pretty pictures!

I'm sure some of you have encountered users (both male and female) who have tried to lure you to text some kind of passcode, add them to messenger or vote of them in some bogus contest in exchange for a chat session or some pictures. These people are S C A M M E R S! Yes, scammers! 'Cam girls' are what they’re most commonly known by. They're probably not even girls, and definitely not the cute ones in the photos. Below are some examples of how they look and what they would usually say ....

Example 1: can u add me on msn or ym

Example 2: by the way,im joy 19 and im a stripper on cam. Does that bother you at all ? it will be on the site and it going to be free coz ill give you a VIP OWNER PASSCODE. i will send you the link where u can vote and the VIP OWNER PASSCODE but promise me dont give it to others for you to get the the free access thre so you can VOTE me and we can play on my cam there babe

Example 3: i have freshly taken pictures in the shower im using a short # conveniet for sharing pics just get ur cellphone and txt GABY to 3.5.3.DELETED and reply YES to 3.5.3.DELETED right after thats my real number..just set into private mode no worry hun it only charges metro pcs and cricket hun others will be a ordinary texting...kisses

Example 4: Hi there... This is Sasha. How are you? Can I ask a little favor? wink wink! =) I joined a model search and I am 1 of the finalist. Can you vote for me so that I can bring home the crown? Heres how... Just text: SASHA to 353DELETED then reply YES immediately so that your vote will be counted. Just keep in touch. Dont worry no worry just to get a confirmation it's not chrge u anything just like an ordinary text... if you vote for me now, i will give you my sexy nude pic as a thank you g...

Skout engineers are constantly coming up with ways to keep scammers out, but we can never be perfect. In the millions of legitimate messages our members exchange every day, there will be a few bad ones despite all our engineering.

If you have encountered any of them, I apologize because I know they could be a nuisance. If you haven't yet, please make a mental note and do NOT not associate yourself with them! Do NOT do what they ask or you WILL get charged on your monthly phone bill! Your credit card number WILL be stolen, and Skout won’t be able to help. You don't wanna be charged do you? I sure don't.

So do your part to keep Skout safe, and don’t respond, REPORT!

How to Report Spam on Skout for Iphone:

1. Go to Report located on the top right of every chat box 2. Select This is spam or scam 3. Press Done 4. Wahhhh La! You just submitted a report! You will receive a pop up message that reads, Thanks for your report! It will be reviewed by our staff shortly.

So, help us make Skout a safe place by reporting them! Now that you’ve been warned go get your flirt on BUTTTT just be on the lookout.

Good day, Sheena