End of Summer

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to take a minute or five to express my gratitude to all the readers out there. I've been receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback and responses lately and for that I am totally grateful. It's a tough gig – I’m vulnerable to judgment from everyone and their mommas with every word I type! But, I don’t let it get to me because I'm confident in my work. Honestly, I’m just glad people actually take time out of the day to read my blogs! Haha. So, thannnk youuuuu Skouts. You guys and gals are the best! Anywho,

Doesn’t it feel like Summer started just a few days ago? I can remember writing my Finally, Summer’s here! blog anticipating all the fun times and memories I'll have this Summer. It’s true; time does fly when you’re having F U N. It came, conquered and now it's getting ready to up and leave us! I'm totally not a sun person but I took pleasure in the beautiful California weather we were graced with. I even found myself sunbathing here and there, gasp! Never before did I think I would literally soak up the sun like that. Haha.

Now, looking back I can giggle at all the memories I created this Summer. I celebrated my birthday (officially a quarter of a century old!!), I went to the movies a bunch and watched almost all the Summer blockbuster hits, I celebrated my childhood friend bachelorette’s party, caught up with friends I haven’t seen in forever, tried a few new restaurants and eateries, spent some quality time with the important people in my life, etc.

But, enough about me, I’m curious to read what Skouts did this Summer?! Do share!

Good day, Sheena