Your first date!

I've missed you guys! Yup, you and you and mostly youuuuu! No worries, there's enough love to go around all of Skout! It's been a while since I've blogged but I’ve been a busy beeeee. As always I have a question to propose. Answer wisely but most importantly truthfully and we can possibly learn a little something from each other! So, a few days ago I was at the movie theater watching a certain captain movie and I realized that my first official date was to watch a movie (I’m sure many others are on the same boat). I remember we bus'd it as far as we could then walked the rest of the way there. Ahhh, what I’d give to be a teenager again…those were the good ol’ days! We can't possibly imagine doing that nowAdays, it’d just be way too complicating because with age comes responsibilities. Boooo! Anyways, what I’m attempting to point out is that you’ll ALWAYS remember your first date! It’s could very much be a life changing event. Kinda. It’s just one of those moments you don’t forget so hopefully you made/going to make good decisions to help create those unforgettable memories. Hmmm, for those in a relationship…do you remember your first date?

As clichE as the idea of dinner and a movie sounds – it’s classic! Granted it is the safe and more traditional route but there's nothing wrong with playing it safe, right?

Speaking of safe, if you meet someone on Skout, the first time you meet in person be sure to follow our safety guidelines:

Skouts, let’s say things heat up with your flirt and you both agree to a date! Now what? What would YOU do or where would you go? Be realistic, please. :D

Good day, Sheena