3 little words…

Nope, it’s not I LOVE YOU! It’s a little too soon for all that don’t ya’ think? Haha. The 3 little words I’m talking about are descriptions. Positive and not so positive attributes that describe Y O U! I tried doing this myself and I was stumped! Therefore, I asked a good friend to do it for me. Yeah, I cheated but whatever! I just thought it would be interesting to hear his answer - caring, determined and strong…scoooooore! I smiled from cheek to cheek knowing I’m portraying myself in such a good light. Or maybe he was just being nice? It’s okay; I’ll take it for what it’s worth and nothing more.

Hmmm, wouldn’t it be nice if people walked around with a label that stated who they are in a nutshell? Hello, my name is_____. I’m ____, ____ and _____. Just like that. We’d save ourselves so much time attempting to figure them out! What a perfect world that’ll be…kinda. Haha.

For those of you with blank Skout profiles, maybe you could start by posting your 3 descriptions. Maybe it would help a bit? Just a thought!

Now it’s your turn. Skouts, attempt to describe yourself in 3 words or simply ask someone to do it for you? I’m eager to read your answers!

Good day, Sheena